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    In our understanding, a coffee house is a place for meetings and communication, where you can order drinks, desserts and light food. There is no place for alcohol or smoking.

    The basis of the Perfecto idea is high-quality and delicious coffee. While in the establishment, you will feel the atmosphere of comfort and care, because every cup of coffee prepared by our baristas is tenderly transferred to your hands, which emphasizes personal responsibility for the prepared product. Since 2013, "Perfecto Coffee" is a member of the European Specialty Coffee Association (SCAE), and since 2017 a member of the International Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

In December of the same 2013, the opening of the “Perfecto Coffee Shop” took place, located at the address: BC “Kazakhstan”, B. Zhyrau avenue, st. 49/6. This is a small coffee shop specializing in the sale of a wide range of high quality freshly roasted specialty coffee beans. Professional baristas will help you in choosing the taste of a coffee drink that suits you, as well as tell you about its correct preparation.


Employees of Perfecto always adhere to the "Specialty" standard in everything they do.


With love, your "Perfecto Coffee"

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